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Choose Your Adventure & Whatnot (Game)

What You Receive:

An Interactive, Original Campaign Optimized for Web, Mobile or Print

Licensed Character Designs

New Gameplay to Immerse Your Audience

Collaboration On Production

Promotion (1k - 100k)

Prize to Win / Marketing Incentive

What That Does For You:

Accelerates Engagement

Creates Links

Improves Public Relations

Provides Leads Fast

Gives People Something Fun

Adventure & Whatnot
Is The Only Platform Equally Benefiting Artists and Businesses

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What Happens When You Go On An Adventure and Whatnot?

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Adventure & Whatnot Is Designed & Operated By
Joshua R. Autrey Serrano

Artists benefit by profiting from their talents while gaining real experiences from working with businesses and learning to apply themselves in marketable ways.

Businesses gain exposure, grow their base audience, increase their brand's value and learn how to market their business with creativity.

You, the leader of the group, will be given a series of simple tasks to accomplish with an assigned partner (the artist).

Every task leads one step closer to victory!

Now Available Online!

Adventure & Whatnot Is About Finding New Aspects of Yourself That Can Be Utilized Through Experiences

Blending Modern Talents & Content Marketing Strategies


So you're the owner of Monster Weenie Hot Dog Emporium!

You were partnered with singer/songwriter Johnny Goldstein.

Johnny suggests performing a song about your menu.

Together an ad is made to come see your new song live.
You like the crowd Johnny draws with each performance.


So you're the owner of Investak !

You were partnered with digital artist Buddy Miller.

Buddy suggests collaborating to make a free gift to capture leads online.

Together an ad is made to capture an audience.
You get to keep the rewards.

Popular Adventures & Whatnot:

Games people can play right on social media

Exclusive media rights to drive traffic to websites

Branded collectables that can be turned in for prizes

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An Adventure & Whatnot always results in more awareness of your brand